Josep Soler i Guàrdia Collection (CMarJS)

The Josep Soler i Guàrdia (1870-1930) Fonds is conserved in 5 archival boxes. We are unaware of the date it entered the Parish Archive of Canet de Mar; however, the fonds always maintained its identity separate from the historical fonds of the music chapel of Sant Pere i Sant Pau in Canet de Mar (CMar).

Josep Soler i Guàrdia, a native of Arbúcies, was the organist at the parish church in Canet de Mar (1898-1930) and helped found the Orfeó Misericòrdia, where he served as its first conductor between 1919 and 1928.

The fonds contains 35 compositions divided into 3 collections: 25 “authored manuscripts”, 5 “anonymous manuscripts” and 5 “printed items”. The “authored manuscripts” collection conserves 25 works from the international ecclesiastic repertoire, with a predominance of Italian composers such as G. Cagliero, A. Cametti, G. Concone, G. Ferrua, P. Giorza and S. Mercadante; along with the Spanish authors R. Calahorra, P. Caravantes and H. Eslava; and Catalan composers working in the same period, including J. Soler like Joan Carreras, Josep Casademont, Josep Espí, Josep Marull, Magí Pontí, Bernat C. Puig and Josep Ribera, and the Canet natives Ramon Clausell and J. Xiqués. The same collection contains 7 arrangements for orchestra by Josep Soler i Guàrdia, a choral version of Arri Moreu by Pep Ventura and verses for organ by Mateu Ferrer. The “anonymous manuscripts” collection contains 6 works from the ecclesiastic repertoire and 2 pieces of profane music, one of which is a game of Lanceros, and 3 volumes related to the battle of Bruc. The “printed items” collection conserves 4 masses by J. L. Battmann, L. Bordese, R. Calahorra and S. Mercadante, and a duet by G. Donizetti.

Fonds Factsheet

Acronym: CMarJS

IFMuC Link:

Title: Josep Soler i Guàrdia Fonds

Archive and location:
Arxiu Parroquial de Sant Pere i Sant Pau de Canet de Mar
Carrer de l’església, 21
08360 Canet de Mar

Arxiu Municipal de Canet de Mar
Yolanda Serrano
Tel. 937 943 940

Date(s): 19th to 20th centuries

Extent and medium: 5 box files

Composers from the end of the 19th century and first third of the 20th century, with some arrangements by Josep Soler i Guàrdia (1870-1930). Soler, born in Arbúcies, worked as an organist in Canet de Mar (1898-1930) and collaborated in the foundation of the Orfeó Misericòrdia, of which he was the first director (1919-1928).

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