IFMuC: Catalan Musical Sources Catalogue
IFMuC is a new scientific and technical service created to promote and raise awareness of the information contained in the databases of catalogues describing the musical archives of Catalonia that the Chair of Musical Heritage in the Department of Art and Musicology at the UAB has been producing since 2001.
Catalan musical heritage includes large numbers of old scores that have been conserved in manuscript form in numerous archives, which are often very hard to access. The IFMuC digital platform was created in order to offer free access to the catalogued records in the archived collections along with their musical repertory, thus generating a digital library. Usage statistics Most popular
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Chapter Archive of the Cathedral of Girona (1,952)
Girona Cathedral Collection (GirC) (1,952)
Chapter Archive of the Cathedral of Tarragona (1,611)
Tarragona Cathedral Collection (TarC) (1,611)
Anoia County Archive (984)
Basilica of Santa Maria in Igualada (IgdSM) Collection (984)
Urgell Local Archive (Tàrrega) (407)
Ramon Florensa Collection (TagRF) (407)
Garrotxa Local Archive (Olot) (2,481)
St Steve Church, Olot, Collection (OloSE) (2,259) Teodoro Echegoyen Collection (OloTE) (222)
Terrassa Cathedral Archive (988)
Terrassa Cathedral Collection (TerC) (988)
Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes Archive (36)
Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes Collection (BarPE) (36)
Girona Diocese Archive (1,305)
St Mary Basilica, Castelló d'Empúries, Collection (I) (CaeSM) (416) Sanctuary of Santa Maria dels Arcs (GirArc) (68) St Mary Church, La Bisbal d'Empordà, Collection (GirBis) (285) Casa Carles Collection (GirCar) (325) Sant Feliu of Girona Collection (GirFel) (71) Narcís Fgueras, Collection (GirNF) (68) Santa Maria de Vilabertran Collection (GirVib) (72)
Diocesan Archive of Solsona  (147)
Solsona Cathedral Collection (SolC) (147)
Historic Archive of the Archdiocese of Tarragona (218)
Joan Grifoll i Guasch Collection (TarJG) (218)
Arxiu Municipal de Granollers (200)
Artur Sitjà Collection (GraAS) (24) Enric Pey Collection (GraEP) (66) Joan Vernet Collection (GraJV) (110)
St Peter and St Paul Church, Canet de Mar, Archive (2,157)
Josep Soler i Guàrdia Collection (CnmJS) (38) St Peter and St Paul Church, Canet de Mar, Music Chapel Collection (CnmSPP) (2,119)
St Eulàlia de Berga, Parish Archive (650)
St Eulalia Church, Berga, Collection (BerSE) (650)
St Mary de Cornudella de Montsant, Parish Archive (235)
St Mary Church, Cornudella de Montsant, Collection (CorSM) (235)
Public Library of the Episcopal Seminary in Barcelona  (64)
Salvador d'Horta Bofarull Collection (BarSHB) (64)
St Mary Museum-Archive, Mataró (700)
Joan Fargas Collection (MatJF) (203) Lluís Viada Collection (MatLV) (163) St Mary Church, Mataró, Music Chapel Collection (MatSM) (334)
Museum of the Mediterranean, Torroella de Montgrí (1,438)
Josep Pi Collection (TdmJP) (475) Pere Rigau Collection (TdmPR) (479) Vicenç Bou Collection (TdmVB) (484)