Artur Sitjà Collection

Personal fonds of the musician Artur Sitjà i Navarra (1908-2000), who played flugelhorn and double bass in different musical ensembles in Granollers and was a member of the Colònia del Sillos Quintet of La Garriga and the Unió Artística, Windsor and Selecció orchestras of Granollers.

The fonds was donated by Artur Sitjà i Navarra himself to the Josep Móra Municipal Periodicals Library of Granollers (HMJM) on 17 September 1974.

The fonds is made up of an “authored manuscripts” and a “printed items” collection, with pieces by composers and arrangers working in Catalonia between the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. The «manuscripts» collection contains 23 works from catalan authors –A. Agramont (teacher of Amadeu Sitjà), R. Martínez Valls, Amadeu Sitjà, Artur Sitjà, Joan Vinyals–, besides T. Bretón, R. Calleja, R. Chapi, J. Serrano, J. M. Usandizaga, P. Veiga, and international repertoire for orchestra from L. v. Beethoven, C. Gounod, E. Grieg, R. Kubelik, R. Leoncavallo, F. Liszt, A. Luigini, F. Popy, J. Raff, E. Toselli, G. Verdi i R. Wagner, with arrangements by Narcís Carbonell, Ignasi Gironella, Pere Mercader, Vicenç Singla, Enric Treserras and Joan Vinyals for the Granollers-based orchestras La Catalana (1883-1929) and Unió Artística (1917-1955).

The “printed music” collection contains an orchestral suite by Ignasi Gironella.

Fonds Factsheet

Acronym: GrAS

IFMuC Link:

Title: Artur Sitjà Fonds

Archive and location:
Arxiu Comarcal del Vallès Oriental (ACVO)
Carrer de l’Olivar, 10
08402 Granollers (Vallès Oriental)

Tel. 938 611 908

Date(s): 19th to 20th centuries

Extent and medium: 2 box files

Works of several catalan, spanish and international composers belonging to the last third of the 19th century and the first one of the 20th.

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Artur Sitjà i Navarra (1908-2000)

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